Missing Items – Please Read

A couple of things went missing on Wednesday June 6th while we were in ACR practice:

  1. A Black Speedo Backpack (see pic) with the following contents: 

    Inside is a green hoodie, black lunchbox, a big white folder with a red cover and a blue-black pencil case.

  2. A Black backpack with red interior with the following contents: 

    maroon leggings, black t-shirt, floral cardigan, grey/blue jacket, light blue shoes, white cadet lanyard, comb, hair gel, purple lanyard with three keys, raffle tickets

    Please email angel.781rcacs@gmail.com if you have any information on either of these backpacks as the cadets would really like to have them returned.

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Reminder Annual Ceremonial Review Tomorrow June 9th

Reminder to all that June 9th is ACR.  Please see the calendar for more details including outline, uniform, and what to bring : https://calendar.google.com/event?action=TEMPLATE&tmeid=NnYwa2tkbDQ1NDRsdTZmbDQybG9nZWpycm0gNzgxdHJhaW5pbmdAbQ&tmsrc=781training%40gmail.com

If anyone has raffle tickets remaining please hand them in first thing so they can be included in the draw or the sales.

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Raffle tickets

Cadets who have taken the raffle tickets are requested to bring the money and the ticket stubs back today. Anyone needing more tickets can see members of the SSC in the evening after closing parade.

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