Military Band

Our band is a military marching band with a full range of brass,  wood, and percussion instruments. The band is a key component of the squadron and plays at all regular Wednesday night parades as well as marching parades in the community such as Remembrance Day.

Cadets in the band are able to apply for summer band camps to enhance their playing abilities. Cadets with good playing skills are selected from all squadrons in across Prairie Region to form an Honour Band during Spring Break and a Service Band during the summer months.

If you play an instrument or would like to learn to play one, this may be your opportunity.


The cadet music program is an optional program that you can take part in through your corps or squadron or summer training centre.

The music program is a consists of six levels: Basic to Level 5. Levels Basic, 1 and 2 will develop your musical ability to play in your corps/squadron band for parades and local activities such as Remembrance Day Parades, etc. Levels 3, 4 and 5 will develop individual skills, as you become a senior cadet musician, which will lead to your ability to instruct junior cadets at the corps and squadron and to assist as staff cadets during the summer.

The music program has a variety of ensembles that are determined by the unit to which you belong (Glockenspiel and Percussion, Brass and Reed, Pipe and Drum, Percussion, Brass and Percussion, and Bugle and Percussion, etc.). You can receive instruction on any of these instruments at the squadron, by attending regional band concentration sessions, and during summer training.

For military band musicians, Levels 3, 4 and 5 are designed to compare to specific grades of the Royal Conservatory of Music program. It should be noted that the cadet music level training covers all aspects of the Royal Conservatory of Music program except the technical studies. The cadet program is relatively equivalent to the Royal Conservatory of Music as outlined:

  • Cadet Level 3 – Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 2;
  • Cadet Level 4 – Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 4;
  • Cadet Level 5 – Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 5.

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