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Valentine Wishes

Sgt Dupuis will be running a Valentine Card / Best Wishes to a member of the Canadian Armed Forces who is away from family and friends this Valentines.

To support this please bring in your own Valentine Card(s) this coming Wednesday, Valentines for Vets initiative has a short timeline.. so bring in cards, or supplies to help others make cards THIS WEEK!!!


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Summer Training Changes

A recent post by Cadets Canada regarding changes to courses (GT Specificially) as well as “Day Camps” and changes to the Music Training was recently placed on the internet (Facebook)

No information has yet been given to the Commanding Officers of Cadet Unit regarding details and changes to this coming summer. We will endeavor to keep you – all stakeholders – informed as we get information. Much of the conversation online at the moment is speculation, rumor, assumptions and mis-information. Until we have a FULL PICTURE with information, we will refrain from speculating and spreading rumors.

Things we do know:

  1. Day Camps will be trial based ONLY in Eastern Canada, not in NW Region.
  2. GT (General Training) will shift to a one week only model, there will be no increase in billets, just a change to course length and format. No further details are available, we do not have confirmation where our GT course candidates will go.

More information will be posted as we receive it and is appropriate to disseminated to the public.

We thank you for not spreading rumor and “fake news” at this time. Please direct any further questions to 781training@gmail.com


Captain RJ VanderLee, CD AdeC / Deputy Commanding Officer on behalf of the CO

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Level 5 Workshop

All those cadets who are attending (you know who you are)

Uniform shirt and tie (parka/gloves/toque)

Breakfast at 7 am university dining hall behind hotel Alma

Welcome briefing at 8am education building main lecture hall

Done after supper 430-5

COME PREPARED.. you know what you need.. you’re level 5 after all.

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