New Cadet Information Night – September 10, 2014

We are recruiting new cadets

A new school year comes, it is time to consider joining Cadets.
Eventbrite - 781 Air Cadets Open House - New Cadets Information Session
Are you between the ages 12 to 18 and interested in flying or the air element of the Armed Forces? Are you looking for a challenge to bring out the best in yourself and your abilities? Then look no further, because the Air Cadets is the program for you. You’ll make lifelong friends, learn valuable skills and increase your self-esteem.

We are hosting an information session on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 to provide information for parents and children who are interested. We will also enroll new Cadets for those who want to sign up.

Please find some detailed information below:

Time: Wednesday, September 10, 2014. Presentation starts at 7:00pm
Location: We are located at the Vecova Recreation Centre, 3304 – 33rd Street NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2L 2A6.
Locate us using the street map.
Please proceed to the Parade Square as indicated below:

Parade Square Instruction

Parking: Parking is free.

Important information for children want to sign up:

  1. You can fill the Application Form and bring it together with you to save time or you can fill the form at the event;
  2. Please bring one of the following pieces of identification on the applicant:
    - A valid Canadian passport; OR
    - A birth certificate; OR
    - A valid resident card; OR
    - A valid identification card issued by a Canadian provincial or federal government agency
  3. Please bring the Alberta Health Card of the applicant.

Please find the Information Packages below. These two documents will provide you most of the information you want to know about.

Information Package for New Cadet and Parent/Guardian (PDF)

Information Package for Parent/Guardian & Volunteer (PDF)

Please find the Parent Information & Volunteer Form below. Parent participation is the key to the success of our squadron, we need your full support.

Parent Information & Volunteer Form

If you have any questions, the officers and staff will be glad to answer them for you.

Looking forward to seeing you there.
Eventbrite - 781 Air Cadets Open House - New Cadets Information Session

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Summer Training Information

Please find the key information for the Summer Training:

  • The Summer Training presentation can be found in the forum.
  • You should have or will receive the Travel Order if you have been offered with summer training. If you have not received Transportation Orders one (1) week prior to the start of your cadet’s start date, please contact Captain Hisey (information in the presentation) or
  • Joining Instructions
    • You would need to download, print, complete and sign the relevant forms in the Joining Instruction of your training centre. You cadet needs to have the completed and signed forms with them to the training centre.
    • How to get Joining Instruction
      • Go to
      • Sign up for an account
      • After activating your newly created account, login and go to the Northwest -> Nord-ouest -> CSTC Joining Instructions to download the Joining Instruction of your training centre.
  • Parental Pick-Up/Drop-Off Request Forms (PPU)
    • PPU is required if
      • You make your own travel arrangements for your cadet;
      • Alter the travel arrangement as listed on the Travel Orders; or
      • Have someone else pick up your cadet
    • This form is included in the Joining Instructions.
    • The PPU must be faxed or mailed to the address on the bottom of the form.
  • Cadets are to travel to and from the training centre in uniform.
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781 Awards List – Training year of 2013-2014

Award recipients of 2013-2014 training year

Award Recipients
Best Overall Bandsman Cpl Christopher Kozbial (Mil)
CO’s Best Dressed AC Jared Sherrard
Excellence in Aviation FSgt Steven Labine
Howard Leadership Award FSgt Steven Labine
Instructing Excellence Sgt Brendan Martin
Junior Bandsman LAC Leslie Guo (Mil) & Cpl Ze Kai Wang (P&D)
Most Dedicated Cadet WO2 Scott Fisher
Most Improved Bandsman Cpl Jiyuan Feng (Mil) & Sgt Mark Fisher (P&D)
Most Improved Cadet FSgt Konstantine Diochnos
Senior Bandsman Cpl Lin Han Xiao (Mil) & Sgt Mark Fisher (P&D)
Spirit of 781 FSgt Justin Tremblay
Sulek Sportsmanship FCpl Jonah Notland
Top Jr. NCO – CI Award FCpl Benjamin Featherstonhaugh
Top Level I LAC Dyllon Wong
Top Level II Cpl Jiaxin Guo
Top Level III FCpl Fazeela Mulji
Top Level IV Sgt Brendan Martin
Top Level V FSgt Steven Labine
Top Flight Cyclone
Top NCO – TrgO Award Sgt Sawcer, Jack
Top Recruit Cpl Maria Ritchie
John Gibbs Memorial (Top Squadron Cadet) Sgt Brendan Martin
Webber Drill Team Award FCpl Courtney Doubinin
Legion Medal of Excellence FSgt Rebecca Routly
Lord Strathcona Medal FSgt Steven Labine

Congratulations, Job well done.

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Announcements – Summer

11 JUNE 2014

Seniors (Sgt+) meeting: 1830-1930, civilian attire

Pipe band members playing at 878′s annual: pick up highland kit 1730-1830 at supply

Uniform exchange, if your uniform does not fit for summer training: 1730-1830 at supply

14 JUNE 2014

Band: 878′s annual, timings and location TBA

18 JUNE 2014

Summer training information session

This session will touch on:
- Various forms and where to locate them;
- Travel Orders;
- Travel procedures; and
- Dropping off and/or picking up your cadet

This is mandatory for all cadets [and parent(s)/guardian(s)] attending summer training as these are items you need to be aware of.