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Week of……

January 14/15/16

A few notes:

Monday the 14th – Scholarship Pre-Boards tonight. you know who you are and what you need.

  • Monday the 14th
    • Marksmanship 1830hrs
    • Scholarship Boards 1830hrs
  • Tuesday the 15th – Band & Flag Party ? (to be confirmed)
  • Marksmanship Continues and the final scoring for Zone Mail-in will happen soon…. good luck
  • PHOTOS WEDNESDAY! Shirt and Tie please for all cadets and be ON TIME.

See you Wednesday

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Squadron CLOSED to new Recruits

For the safety and security of the cadets and staff of 781 Calgary, (the main/original unit located at Vecova Recreation Centre) we will no longer be accepting new recruits at this time.  Parents and potential cadets are encouraged to explore options with other Air Cadet Squadrons within the city of Calgary.  More information can be found here, at the Air Cadet League of Alberta website

We are sorry that we are unable to accept new recruits at this time, please check back with us regularly for updates.

PLEASE CONTACT 781’s Satellite Unit (918 “Griffon”) for their recruit policies, the last recruit session will be January 9th.  They are on Facebook for additional information

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Cadets that are unable to attend regular Wednesday night parades or other activities that they are expect at (i.e. signed-up for) are required to send an e-mail to: 781excused@gmail.com

Include the activity and date in the Subject line.

Body of e-mail shall include your Rank, Last Name, First Name and brief reason for the absence.