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Weekly Training

Local Headquarters Training or LHQ Training  is the main Wednesday evening activity. All cadets attend classes on General Cadet Knowledge, Drill, Citizenship, Physical Fitness, and Air Crew Survival. Cadets also take other courses specific to their rank and training level. The three course periods are started with first parade, separated by a break, and finished with the final parade. Cadet training is provided by Officers and Civilian Instructors who are volunteers, and Senior Cadets.

Attendance: Cadet attendance on training nights is very important. It is necessary to be eligible for the various camps offered. Cadets are also encouraged to participate in special activities such as Remembrance Day Parade and other community events.

Instructors – please place your lesson plans in the area linked below at least 2 Wednesdays prior to the class you are instructing including the outline for or picture of your learning aids:

Team Activities

Team activities are available to all cadets who wish to learn new skills. 781Calgary Squadron has a tradition of excellence in competition teams, which compete with other cadet teams at the regional, provincial, and national levels.

Competition Teams include:

  • Range (Marksmanship)
  • Biathlon (Ski / Run & Shoot)
  • Drill
  • Band (Both Military and Pipes and Drums)
  • Athletics (Volleyball and Basketball)

Other Activities

Other Activities can be enjoyed by Cadets at any level. These activities are led by Civilian Instructors, Senior Cadets, and interested parents. Activities include:

  • Biathlon
  • Gliding Familiarization Flights
  • Ground School
  • Familiarization Flying (Powered)
  • Airplane Model Building
  • Rocketry
  • Wilderness Survival (All Seasons)
  • Photography
  • Sports Weekends
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
  • Parades and Ceremonies
  • Public Speaking
  • First Aid Training


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