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For parents want to receive email communications from 781 Air Cadets, please send an email to and follow the instruction afterwards.

For Cadets cannot attend the Wednesday parade, the Cadet would need to call 403-289-1617, and leave a message with your full name, rank, and what flight you are in, and why you will not be there. Please speak clearly so the officer taking the message can understand what you are saying.

Our location:

Vecova Recreation Centre
3304 – 33rd Street NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2L 2A6
Locate us using the street map. This give you directions on how to get to Vecova.

Phone:  403-289-1617
Fax:  403-289-1381

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Parents, want to receive email communications from 781 Air Cadets?
Please send an email to and follow the instruction afterwards.

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