Welcome Back!

Good Day!

Thank you Mr. Webber for the awesome work on the new Virtual / In-person training program logo!  The staff have been hard at work trying to get a virtual / distance learning program up and running and we’re hoping to kick it off on 4 November 2020.

Some announcements for this week..

  • CO’s Virtual Briefing
    • Wednesday evening 21 October, 1945h on ZOOM.  Follow this link to join, if you cannot log in because we’re at capacity, please try again at 2000h and we will run a second quick session.
    • Join Zoom Meeting

      Meeting ID: 712 8023 7157
      Passcode: 2fq5pb

  • DISCORD – at the moment the DISCORD is our unit wide communication tool.  If you have not yet signed up, links are available on previous posts here on the website as well as on Facebook page.  If you do not sign up (parents are welcome to do so too!) you will not be able to participate in our Virtual Training.
  • GOOGLE CLASSROOM – we have not yet been able to fully secure the Google GSuite of tools, but will continue down this path and integrate it into our training plan.
  • IN-PERSON Training – We are diligently looking for ways to make this happen in a safe and effective manner.  With restrictions in place currently, cadets would only be able to visit in person once in 4-5 weeks with the remainder of training activities taking place through Distance Learning – which will blend online virtual activities, with worksheets, learning packages, at-home activities and more.  Please be patient with us!
  • SUPPLY / UNIFORMS – same as the above bullet point, we’re working to allow cadets to come and exchange uniforms as soon as it is safe and effective to do so.
  • REMEMBRANCE DAY – there are some changes coming very soon regarding participation in VIRTUAL REMEMBRANCE SERVICES, there will be NO PARTICIPATION AT SCHOOLS / LEGIONS this year IN PERSON.  You may NOT wear your uniform to represent the program this year.  We understand how tough this is, however for everybody’s safety and security please follow this policy.  As things change, we will keep you updated.

I hope to see you tomorrow!

Captain Rob VanderLee, CD  | Commanding Officer

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CO’s Update

HELLO!!  Hope you are all well and healthy. 

Some quick updates for you, we continue to slowly move forward – we have submitted both permission for virtual training and for in-person training, however there are some severe limitations on in-person training and we’re not quite sure how that will work for a squadron of 150+ cadets.

Please understand we have not forgotten you nor have we abandoned the program – there will be an open ZOOM meeting coordinated for Wednesday 21 October for you to check in – say hello and to ask questions of the squadron staff.  Details will be published in THREE locations, here on the Squadron Website, Squadron Facebook Page and the Squadron Discord.  ALL CADETS ARE REQUIRED TO BE ON THE DISCORD for future training purposes.  If you have not, please go to this link to start 


Cadets must all sign in with their Rank and FULL NAME. 

A list of promotions will be posted tomorrow evening.  (Rank Changes)

A list of new appointments will be posted tomorrow evening.  (Position Changes)

Virtual Training will commence the first week of November for all cadets in all levels.

Talk soon…..

Captain Rob VanderLee CD / Commanding Officer

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Formation Change of Command

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