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Cadet vCAP at Home and VCTC (Summer)

So – cadets are applying for both vCAP at Home and for Summer VCTC who have NOT completed their verifications and/or the Detailed Health Questionnaires.  YOU CAN’T GO TO ANY TRAINING (INCLUDING VIRTUAL TRAINING) if you aren’t a member in good standing.  That means the Verification and the DETAILED MEDICAL (if required) must both be completed and submitted BEFORE we can put your application through. 

It’s not like we haven’t told you!  If you need another form, send an email.


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Cadet Intranet Accounts

Attached is a PDF showing you and/or your parents how you can apply for a log-in to the Intranet.  The Cadet Portal gives you access to many cool training aids, information and tools.  If you’ve applied for a vCAP at home or plan to apply for VCTC Summer, you should have an account.

Good luck and let us know if you need help

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