Announcements – October 2nd, 2013

September 30, 2013

Ground School

Location: Seminar Room
Timing: 1830-2130

Mess Committee Meeting

Location: Parade Square
Timing: 6:30

  •  All those who are interested in forming a mess committee please attend, at least one cadet per level is highly encouraged

(For those who do not know what a mess committee is, it is a committee of cadets who help plan Sqn dinners (mess dinners) and participate in fundraising activities for the Sqn.)

October 2nd, 2013

Regular parade night

Timing: 1820-2130
AC-F/Cpl: C4 – (Dark blue t-shirt and tunic)
Sgt-WO1: C2

(Those who were recently promoted to the rank of Sgt please note the change in uniform from now on)

Duty cadets: C2


  • Everyone should be at cadets by 1815 (6:15 pm) and parade will be starting by 1825 (6:25 pm)
  • (Urgent) A reminder to all those that have not returned their Validation Forms to Capt. Hisey. He needs them in as quickly as possible and the deadline is 9 October 2013
  • Any cadet that is just returning this Wednesday should immediately go see Capt. Hisey in Admin to collect their form.
  • (NEW) Supply will be closed this Wednesday
  • (NEW) Those Cadets who would like an extra set of epaulettes for their jackets must trade in their previous rank epaulettes.
  • (NEW) Any cadets who play an instrument (aside from strings and piano) and would like to attend MUSICON (A weekend music training camp) are to contact WO2 Wijaya or WO2 Wun ASAP. You do not need to be in the sqn band to participate.
  • Badges must be sewn on correctly, this includes correct colored thread, proper placement and sewn on entirely
  • Phone outs must be done by SUNDAY NIGHT. If you do not receive a call, use the chain of command to find out what the announcements are for this week.

WestJet Raffle Tickets Start On Sale

Raffle tickets are distributed in a stack of 10 tickets. Each ticket is $5. Each stack is $50. We need each cadet to make an effort to sell raffle tickets to raise fund. Detail information is here.

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