Announcements – February 5, 2014




Drill Team 1900-2100hrs

Dress: Civilian attire with parade boots

Flag Party 1900-2100hrs

Dress: Civilian attire with parade boots

Band 1900-2100hrs

Location: Parade Square


Regular Parade Night

Timing: 1815-2130
AC-FCpl: C3 (Turtleneck and tunic) + Cadet issued Parka
Sgt+: C2 + Cadet issued Parka

  • Haircuts will be up to standard or Incident Reports will be issued

Duty cadets: FSgt Rowan, FCpl Lamb


  • Make sure you eat dinner before cadets and bring a water bottle
  • Flight Staff: Email WO1 Wijaya at with expected numbers by Monday night. Also, plan boot polishing parties if you haven’t already done so
  • If a cadet needs a forum account, email WO2 Ho at line: Forum Account) with their name and email address. Names will ONLY be submitted the last Friday at 11:59pm every month.
  • Phone outs need to be done by SUNDAY NIGHT. If you do not receive a call, use the chain of command (senior cadets in your flight) for announcements
  • Uniform Return Incentive: Points will be accumulated to win gift cards

SSC Meeting (Parent Meeting)

SSC meeting will be held in the boardroom of Vecova starting at 6:30pm. Please come to join us. All parents are member of the Parents Association of 781 Squadron (the Squadron Sponsoring Committee of 781) and should join the meeting. If you would like to receive communication from SSC, please send an email to and follow the instruction afterwards. The meeting agenda will be sent out shortly via email communication.

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