Announcements – February 12, 2014

10 FEBRUARY 2014



Drill Team 1900-2100hrs

Dress: Civilian attire with parade boots

Band 1900-2100hrs

Location: Parade Square

12 FEBRUARY 2014

Regular Parade Night

Timing: 1815-2130
AC-FCpl: C3 (Turtleneck and tunic) + Cadet issued Parka
Sgt+: C2+ Cadet issued Parka

  • Minimum uniform standard: Hair will be up to standard or Incident Reports will be issued, blackened boot soles and clean boots
  • Duty cadets: FSgt Routly, FCpl Ho


  • Make sure you eat dinner before cadets and bring a water bottle
  • Flight Staff: Email WO1 Wijaya at with expected numbers by Monday night
  • If a cadet needs a forum account or forum groups, email WO1 Wijaya at (subject line: Forum Account) with name and request. Names will be submitted at least the last Friday of the month at 11:59pm.
  • Phone outs need to be done by SUNDAY NIGHT. If you do not receive a call, use the chain of command (senior cadets in your flight) for announcements
  • Uniform Return Incentive: Points will be accumulated to win gift cards
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