Warning Order – Field Training Exercise 16-18 October 2015

Warning Order:


781 RCACS cadets are required to participate in a Field Training Exercise (FTX) as part of their mandatory level training. This allows them to learn survival skills and build esprit de corps.


All cadets will participate in FTX Rising Sun from Friday 16 October to Sunday 18 October 2015.


  1. Cadets will arrive at the rear parking lot of the Vecova Center no later than 1730hrs, 16 October 2015 in camping clothing. Bus will depart no later than 1830hrs.
  2. Cadets must ensure they have eaten before they arrive as there is no supper meal provided.
  3. A kit inspection will be conducted before the cadet can load the bus. Parents must not leave the drop off area until the kit check has been completed. Cadets WILL be sent home if required kit is not brought. All items brought on FTX are the sole responsibility of the cadet. The cadet must be able to carry and control their own belongings. Belongings should be marked with the cadets’ surname, initials and rank.
  4. The cadets will be ready to be picked up at the rear parking lot of the Vecova Center at 1700hrs, 18 October 2015. Cadets must be picked up no later than 1730hrs.

Service and Support:

Cadets will be transported to and from the training site by bus. Military field rations (MREs) will be provided for the weekend. Special dietary concerns cannot be addressed. If this is a problem, please contact us immediately.

Command and Signals:

The officer in charge of the exercise is Lt Chattell. In the event of a family emergency parents are to contact the unit phone at (403) 289-1617. Messages will be checked on a regular basis. If a cadet cannot attend and has signed up, please call the unit phone and leave a message.

Equipment Sign-Out:

There is a limited quantity of the following equipment that cadets can sign out on Saturday 10 October from 1230 hrs to 1400 hrs. This equipment is signed out on a first come, first served basis.

  1. Rucksacks;
  2. Combat shirt;
  3. Combat pants;
  4. Sweaters/Jackets; and
  5. Combat boots.

Personal Kit List

1. Required Items

Failure to bring required items will result in the cadet being sent home.

  1. Hat – Both warm weather (ball cap) and cold weather (toque), cadet floppy hat and toque may be worn;
  2. Boots – or suitable footwear for wet weather activities. Snow is a common occurrence on this exercise;
  3. Socks – at least 6 pairs;
  4. Underwear – at least 3 pairs;
  5. Thermal underwear – if required based on weather forecast;
  6. Gloves – suitable for forecasted weather conditions;
  7. Jacket – suitable for cold/wet weather;
  8. Sweater – fleece or wool, no cotton;
  9. Warm shirts & pants – dress in layers, no jeans;
  10. Personal hygiene kit – toothbrush/toothpaste, soap/towel, shaving kit as required;
  11. Water bottle – camelback or bottle with sling recommended;
  12. Paper and pen/pencil
  13. Travel mug – must be covered, preferably with wide mouth
  14. Flashlight/headlamp
  15. Sleeping bag / liner / air mattress (these will be available at the campsite for those who don’t have any); and
  16. Duffel bag/kit bag – suitcases or hockey bags are not acceptable

2. Prohibited Items

Cadets are not to bring the following items. Items found during kit check will be confiscated.

  1. Sandals / flip flops;
  2. Personal electronic devices (MP3 players, gaming devices, etc.);
  3. Knives – except Survive Air team & Sgt’s and above;
  4. Matches / lighters – except Survive Air team & Sgt’s and above;
  5. Non-prescription drugs;
  6. Smoking paraphernalia;
  7. Items of significant value; and
  8. Food or snacks – unless cadet has food restrictions and has made prior arrangements with staff.

3. Prescription or required medications

must be given to training staff upon arrival. Medication will be issued as required. The cadet may choose to bring Tylenol or Advil if required. All medications will be labeled with the cadets’ name.

4. It is suggested that all kit be packed in a garbage bag or other watertight bag inside their rucksack.

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