vCAP (Cadet Activity Program)

vCap at Home –

What is CAP at Home?

CAP at Home is two weeks of virtual programming to give our cadets a chance to learn a new skill, meet cadets from across the region, and to remain engaged during the Spring Break period. Activities include discussions with cadets with shared interests, tours, games, and much more. Participation in CAP at Home is completely optional. If a cadet wants to join in, we would love to have you participate. If you need a break and down time or have a busy schedule of other activities, that is great too.

What is being offered?

There are two types of programming being offered; open sessions and certificate training

Individual sessions are a variety of sessions that are between 40 minutes to 2 hours in duration. Cadets can register for as many or as few sessions as they wish. The session catalogue with descriptions and the schedule are attached and available in the SharePoint Library.

Certification training for Pleasure Craft Operator Certificate and Restricted Radio Operators License (Aeronautical) are being offered Cadets who successfully pass the exam at the end will attain either their Pleasure Craft Operations Certificate or Restricted Radio Operator License (Aeronautical). These courses require that the cadets commit to participating in multiple virtual classes throughout the week. The dates and times of the sessions are on the Session Calendar and outlined in the session catalogue. Cadets partaking in Restricted Radio Operator License (Aeronautical) will receive a pre course study package and license application via email the Monday before the course that must be completed for the first virtual class. Please note the registration deadlines for these opportunities.

Please note that all timings on the schedule and session catalogue are in Central Standard Time.

In order to apply, consult the documents (CAP Session Catalog & CAP Home Schedule) to get an idea of what is available and the dates they are available. They will run the week before and week after Easter (no training Good Friday).

Complete the Form and consider it submitted. Make SURE that you EMAIL is CORRECT and you MUST check it on a regular basis leading up to training beginning – you will be contacted directly by the organizers who are located at Region HQ in Winnipeg. THIS IS NOT A LOCAL TRAINING PROGRAM.

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