Summer Training Reminder

National Summer Training

A reminder to all cadets applying for National Summer Training (aka Scholarships)

Your narratives are due into Major Wilson and/or Captain Angel upon your return on 4 January 2016 for their review. This will allow you ample time to “tweak” your words before sending it off to the Air Cadet League.

Also remember that you are required to have your school marks with the application so if you have not yet done so you should get after them as well.

The “drop dead” date for final submission is 13 January 2016 (sooner is preferred).

Regional Summer Training

All cadets wanting to apply for Regional Summer Training must complete and submit a 2016 Summer Training Cadet Choice/Selection form.

This form is the only way that I will know you are wanting to attend summer training and allowing me to get you into the system. I will require this form ASAP as the “drop dead” date for submission shall be 20 January 2016.

For more details about Summer Training, please refer to this page.

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