Texas Hold’em Fundraiser

Texas Holdem Flyer

We are planning a Texas Hold’em Fundraiser for Saturday November 21 at Huntington Hills Community Centre. It will include a silent auction, raffle and 50/50.

We need your help with:

  1. A bottle of alcohol (wine, liquor or liqueur) from every family
  2. Silent auction donations from every family (golf balls/shirt, tickets, sports equipment, gift certificates, etc)

All items will be collected by Mr. Mansour (volunteer@781aircadets.ca), Mrs. Fetherstonhaugh (event@781aircadets.ca), Mr. Bhagawatula (vicechair@781aircadets.ca) or Mrs. Sharma (fundraising@781aircadets.ca) on either Monday or Wednesday nights. All donations must be in by 9 November.

More details will follow at the parent meeting on 7 October and this page will be updated with more details.

Any questions may be directed to those listed above.

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