CO’s Update

HELLO!!  Hope you are all well and healthy. 

Some quick updates for you, we continue to slowly move forward – we have submitted both permission for virtual training and for in-person training, however there are some severe limitations on in-person training and we’re not quite sure how that will work for a squadron of 150+ cadets.

Please understand we have not forgotten you nor have we abandoned the program – there will be an open ZOOM meeting coordinated for Wednesday 21 October for you to check in – say hello and to ask questions of the squadron staff.  Details will be published in THREE locations, here on the Squadron Website, Squadron Facebook Page and the Squadron Discord.  ALL CADETS ARE REQUIRED TO BE ON THE DISCORD for future training purposes.  If you have not, please go to this link to start

Cadets must all sign in with their Rank and FULL NAME. 

A list of promotions will be posted tomorrow evening.  (Rank Changes)

A list of new appointments will be posted tomorrow evening.  (Position Changes)

Virtual Training will commence the first week of November for all cadets in all levels.

Talk soon…..

Captain Rob VanderLee CD / Commanding Officer

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