Cadet Challenge

Hey everybody!  In this time of COVID-19 and our current stand down of training, the squadron, Southern Alberta Area, and the Region are all working toward items to keep cadets and parents engaged.

We have a new section on the squadron website “CADET CHALLENGE” with a drop down menu of items.  Currently there are three items and more added regularly.. of note is the SPEAKER SERIES and joint activity with a squadron in Ontario and ours.. coordinated by Lt. Dunnill-Jones, each Wednesday at 1700hrs, we join up in a ZOOM meet with 818 Falcon Squadron to interview people who were cadets and now have cool jobs, military, civilian – doesn’t matter.. please take the time to tune in..

Two other challenges are up.. for the Level 1/2 Cadets it’s a paper airplane challenge that runs until the beginning of June.. and for our senior cadets in Levels 3/4 – it’s the “SHOW US YOUR… BIVOUAC” challenge.

More to come.. Aviation, Music and more.. stay tuned!!

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