Announcements Week of Thursday March 17 – Wednesday March 30

Saturday 19 March

EX Intersquadron Survivair Challenge – MANDATORY TRAINING

Time: 0745-1615
Location: Bowness Park
Dress: Civvies – dress for the weather being out in the elements

Notes: bring the items identified in the attched Warning Order – Intersquadron Surviveair2016

Monday 21 March

FTX Planning Meeting for Senior Cadets (FCpl and up) and Officers/Volunteers

Time: 1900-2100
Location: Training Office
Dress: Civvies

Notes: bring note pad and pen for capturing notes

Sunday 20 March to Tuesday March 29



Wednesday 30 March


Time: 1815-2130
Location: Vecova
Dress (all cadets): C4 (Uniform with blue t-shirt under the tunic)  Except Level 1 cadets will be in civvies for the rocket testing work they will be doing.
New Cadets: Dress pants or nice jeans that are clean and not ripped; dress shirt or a collared shirt.


  1. Please make sure your hair, males and females, is up to standard.
  2. Cadets who arrive at 1830 (6:30) or later will be marked late.
  3. Make sure to have supper before coming to cadets to mitigate the cadet fainting on the parade square.

From 1830 til 2100 kit inspection and distribution of combat uniform.

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