Announcements Thursday Feb 25 – Wednesday Mar 2

Monday 29 February

Effective Speaking Practice (for the 2 advancing to zones)

Time: 1900-2000
Location: Classroom 1 at Vecova
Dress: Civvies

Notes: Bring your speeches, and water bottle


Time: 19:00-21:30
Location: Start in VRRI South and move into the Parade Square
Dress: Civvies

Notes: remember to bring your instruments

Drill Team and Flag Party Practice

Time: 19:00-2030
Location: Parade Square
Dress: Civvies, bring your parade boots

Notes: remember to bring a water bottle

Tuesday 1 March

Survivair Try-out (day 2)

Time: 19:00-21:30
Location: Bowness Park (drive until you see the group near the road)
Dress: Civvies  – dress warm as we will be outside the entire time!

Notes: For any cadet interested in being a part of the Survivair team this year – this is a team who will compete at the end of May in various survival and fitness related activities against all of the other squadrons in the province.  We need 2 level 1s, 2 level 2s, 2 level 3s, and 2 of any level to make up this team to be able to compete.  Be sure to bring note paper and writing utensils, and be prepared to build fires and possibly shelters.

Wednesday 2 March


Time: 1815-2130
Location: Vecova
Dress (all cadets): C2 (Uniform with shirt, tie, and tunic)
New Cadets: Dress pants or nice jeans that are clean and not ripped; dress shirt or a collared shirt.


  1. Please make sure your hair, males and females, is up to standard.
  2. Cadets who arrive at 1830 (6:30) or later will be marked late.
  3. Make sure to have supper before coming to cadets to mitigate the cadet fainting on the parade square.
  4. Level 1 cadets are asked to bring some scissors from home as they will be constructing airplanes in the second two blocks!

SSC meeting (Parents Meeting)

Location: Board Room
Time: 7:00 pm

All parents are welcome, please join us.

SSC Meeting Location

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