Announcements Jan 19 – Jan 25

Saturday Jan 21

Exercise Flex Fit is our Mandatory sports day for all cadets.

Who: All cadet levels
Where: Le Roi Daniels School (southwest Calgary, near Chinook Mall)
When: Saturday Jan 21, 0930-1600 for cadets and level 5 cadets and staff need to be there at 0900
Why: to promote physical fitness within the cadets and to develop teamwork and leadership
What to Bring: Water bottle, sports clothing, indoor sports sneakers, and any snacks you require
Comments: Lunch will be provided.  Day will consist of many different sports and time with their flights.


Monday Jan 22

Optional Training – Capt Angel

Marksmanship Team Try-out

Time: 1900-2130
Location: Vecova
Dress: Civvies
Officer In Charge: Capt Angel

Notes: Meet in the Atrium to start and we will move into the parade square from there

Also to note that the sighting group will arrive at 1800 hrs at the parade square to setup the range and sight the rifles

Scholarship Boards

Time: 1850-2100
Location: Vecova
Dress: C-2 dress
Officer In Charge: Capt Hisey

Notes: Cadets can wait in the atrium while they wait for their scheduled time as per the attached schedule:

23 Jan 17 Schedule


Tuesday Jan 24

Optional Training – ASLt Weyman

Optional – Band Practice 

Time: 1900-2130
Location: Start in the seminar room and move to the parade square for the last hour
Dress: Civvies
Officer In Charge: Mr Devries

Notes: bring instrument and sheet music.  Any new people looking to get involved with the band are urged to attend.

Optional – Flag Party Practice

Time: 2030-2130
Location: Parade Square
Dress: Civvies
Officer In Charge: Mr Devries

Notes: For all flag party members and alternates

Optional – Supply Kit Exchange

Time: 1800-1900
Location: Supply room
Dress: Civvies
Officer In Charge: Mr Dayman

Notes: Only for exchanging of uniform parts

Wednesday Jan 25

Mandatory – Squadron Swimming Night

Time: 1830-2115
Location: Village Square Leisure Centre- Meet outside the library and pickup near the pool (2623 56 St. N.E.)
Notes: Swimming Night make sure to bring towels, showering items and anything you require for a pool.
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