Announcement – 7 January 2015

Monday 5 January 2015

GPS / PPS qualification exam

  • 1900-2100 in the Seminar room

Band Practice with instructors

  • 1900-2100

Flag Party / Drill Team

  • 1900 – 2100 on the Parade Square

Please contact your flight staff if you have any further questions.

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Sports Night

LocationMount Royal University Stanley Gym.

Time: 1900 – 2100

Cadets are responsible for their own travel to and from the University, no transport will be provided.

Attire is appropriate sports attire.

If there are any questions please contact your flight staff.

MRU Parking Instruction

MRU Parking Instruction

GPS / PPS qualification exam

  • 1830-2130 in the Training Office
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3 Responses to Announcement – 7 January 2015

  1. Barakaat says:

    Is this optional?

  2. Barakaat says:

    are we going swimming?

    • Ray Yang says:

      This is mandatory training, we are not going to swim, it is general sports, e.g. basketball, volleyball, etc.