781 Marksmanship Team!

Air Rifle781 cadets – we are looking for up to 3 Marksmanship teams to compete in the Stage II ‘Zone’ Competition happening on February 20th, 2016. The teams need to consist of 2 junior cadets (must not reach the age of 15 by May 10th 2016) and 3 cadets of any age for a total of 5 cadets per team.

Try-outs will take place on Monday January 18th and the list needs to be finalized by Wednesday the 20th – a sign up sheet will be going around on Wednesday Jan 13th to understand interest.

If any 16+ year old cadets who have completed level 3 are interested in staffing please sign up on Wednesday night.

If you have any questions, Captain Angel is the Marksmanship Officer.

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