UPDATED Announcements May 5 – May 10

Saturday May 6

Level 1 & 2 Cadets:
OIC – Capt Angel
Time: 1000-1200
LocationThe Hanger Museum
Dress: C-2s (shirt and tie with tunic)
Who: All Level 1 and 2 cadets

Notes: No food will be provided and cadets should bring their own water bottles.

Level 3 & 4 Cadets:
OIC – Capt Hisey
Time: 0830-1600 (check to see your specific time below)
LocationThe Springbank Airport – at the Springbank Aero Services (Executive Flight Centre) located at 208A Avro Lane.
Dress: C-4s (t-shirt), do not wear/bring your wedge out to the airplane!  and bring a jacket in case it gets cold.
Who: All Level 3 and 4 cadets

Notes: No food will be provided and cadets should bring their own water bottles.  VERY IMPORTANT THAT ALL CADETS MUST HAVE A SIGNED WAVER FORM IN ORDER TO FLY: Passenger Waiver Forms

If your name is not on the list below but you believe it should be please email Captain Angel: angel.781rcacs@gmail.com.

FSgt Lu, S
FSgt Nguyen, Q
Cpl Azaiez, A
FCpl Mansour, N
Fcpl Libunao, S
FCPl Munroy, M
Cpl Pan, J
Cpl Zhou, S
WO1 Fisher
FSgt Su, G
Cpl Brodersen, M
Sgt Hodgins, J
Cpl Chen, Q
FCpl Muga, J
FCpl Prajapati, R
FSgt Berselli, P
WO2 Sharma, S
Cpl Brown, J
Cpl Graves, P
FCpl McPhee, S
FCpl Muhssin, B
Cpl Severo, E
FSgt Bhagawatula, P
FSgt Feng, J
FCpl Chernyak, M
FCpl Aziz, D
FCpl Li, H
Cpl Nijjar, S
FCpl Sinclair, J
FSgt Fraley, E
FSgt Ip, G
FCpl Fetherstonhaugh, D
FCpl Kain, M
Cpl Li, E
FCpl Ocampo, S
Cpl Tan, L
Fsgt Ravishankar, A
Sgt Prabhu, A
FCpl Fu, T
FCpl Hsieh, C
Cpl Khalil
Cpl Nakum, K
Fcpl Wang, N
Sgt Wong, D

Monday May 8

Optional Training
OIC – Capt Angel
Warrant Officer Boards
Time: 1900-1930 – WO2 Sharma; 1930-2000 – FSgt Bystersky; 2000-2030 – FSgt Wong J
Location: Board room (wait in the waiting area until your time then come and knock on the door)
Dress: C-2 Dress
Who: the 3 cadets mentioned above
Officer In Charge: Capt Angel

Notes: Be prepared for the questions!

Drill Team Practice
Time: 1900-2100
Location: Parade Square
Dress: Civvies
Who: Drill Team
Officer In Charge: Mr Devries/Ms. Plimbley

Notes: Bring your parade boots

Survivair Practice
Time: 1900-2100
Location: Bowness Park
Dress: Civvies  Make sure to dress for the weather
Who: Survivair Team
Officer In Charge: OCdt Fisher / Mr Hilton

Notes: Bring your survival items and a water bottle

Tuesday May 9

Optional Training
OIC – Lt Boyce

Optional – Band Practice 

Time: 1900-2130
Location: Start in the seminar room and move to the parade square for the last hour
Dress: Civvies
Officer In Charge: Mr Devries

Notes: bring instrument and sheet music.  Any new people looking to get involved with the band are urged to attend.

Optional – Flag Party Practice

Time: 2030-2130
Location: Parade Square
Dress: Civvies
Officer In Charge: Mr Devries

Notes: For all flag party members and alternates.

Wednesday May 10

Mandatory – Parade Night

Time: 1800-2130
Location: Vecova Parade Square
Dress: C-4 Uniform (t-shirt)
Notes: Note remember to bring your water bottles!
Level 3 cadets have their AVIATION EXAM during the evening
Level 4 cadets have their Drill Instruction Evaluation during the evening

 Upcoming events:

May 17th – Level 4 Aviation Exam and Level 3 Drill Instruction Evaluations.  Level 1a for their Range Class.

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