General History

  • The Air Cadet League of Canada is a national public service organization that was formed in April 1941. Its original purpose was to provide training airmen in World War II. At the end of the war, the movement was reorganized to provide aviation and citizenship training activities for Canada’s youth.
  • For more information about the Air Cadet League of Canada, please visit their web site at http://www.aircadetleague.com/

781 History

  • 781 Calgary Squadron was formed on March 6, 1969. Over the years, many young people have trained to become better individuals and have enjoyed the many benefits associated with being part of our dynamic team of dedicated Air Cadets.
  • 781 “Calgary” Squadron has the distinction of being the first squadron in Canada to be formed, staffed and sponsored entirely by former Air Cadets.
  • All former members of another Calgary Squadron, namely 538 (Buffalo) squadron, approximately 25 former Air Cadets decided that they had greatly enjoyed their tenure in the Air Cadet program and had benefited from their experiences.  Being young and eager to try new alternatives to the type of training which they themselves had received, and finding that their new, “radical” ideas were not being greeted with joy among the 1968 training establishment this group, better known as the Novalumni hit the challenge head on and applied for a Charter to the Air Cadet League of Canada.
  • After many months of operating a “Ghost Squadron”, in the Bowness community hall of northwest Calgary, enough Provincial Committee and DND backing was received to forward their application to the powers in Ottawa.  Not being familiar with the dedication and ideals of the Novalumni, their initial application was turned down which only served to fire up the group even more.  A second application was prepared and re-submitted within 30 days and with the added strong support of several members of the Alberta Provincial Committee of the day, the Novalumni were granted the Charter for 781 “Calgary” Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets on March 6, 1969.

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