Pipe Band

The Youth Squad of Calgary Garrison, 78th Fraser Highlanders

The pipe band of 781 Squadron participates training from the Youth Squad of Calgary Garrison, 78th Fraser Highlanders.

78th Fraser Highlanders

78th Fraser Highlanders

The Youth Squad of the Calgary Garrison is comprised of young men and ladies from the Calgary area who are provided with training, at no cost, in piping, drumming, Highland and Scottish Country dancing. The Squad is schooled in Canadian history, particularly as it relates to the period when the Regiment served in Canada and also receives 18th century drill and musketry instruction, to support the fielding of a Black Powder Drill team, using Brown Bess flintlock muskets.

In training the members of the Squad we are seeking to produce a balanced individual. While we hope that our students will achieve excellence in one or more areas we will not promote excellence to the exclusion of other areas – we seek balance. The Garrison will, however, attract and retain the best instructors available within our financial resources.

Instruction is provided at no cost – no interested student will be turned away due to a lack of funds.

To contact the Band (Youth Squad) Officer: youthsquad@78frasercalgary.ca

To know more about 78th Fraser Highlanders, please visit their website: http://78frasercalgary.ca/


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