Tips for Parents

All parents, please follow the tips below to get better understanding and involvement in the cadet program.

  1. Subscribe the Google Group for parents’ communication.
    1. Send an email to and follow the instruction afterwards. You can also use your smartphone to scan the QR code below:
      Subscribe Newsletter
    2. You will receive email communication from the Parents Association of 781 Squadron (aka SSC: Squadron Sponsoring committee) for update and activities related to parents.
    3. You can unsubscribe it anytime by following the instructions at the bottom of every email you receive.
  2. Check the 781 website regularly and subscribe to the website update.
    1. At the right side of the homepage of, there is a section where you can put your email address and click Subscribe button. This will enable you to get an email once there is a new post to the website.
  3. Listen to the announcement at the end of parade.
    1. At the end of every parade night (around 9 pm), there will be announcement for the activities for the next week. It would be extremely beneficial for the parents to listen to it and know the arrangements for the coming week.
  4. Participate the SSC (Squadron Sponsoring Committee) meeting.
    1. This meeting is for all parents to participate and provide valuable information about training, event, activities.
    2. It is normally held on the first Wednesday of every month in the boardroom of Vecova from 7:30 PM
    3. The meeting agenda and minutes are distributed via group email mentioned above.
  5. Follow 781 on Facebook:
  6. Read the information packages for cadets and parents (available at
    1. Information Package for New Cadet and Parent/Guardian (PDF)
    2. Information Package for Parent/Guardian & Volunteer (PDF)

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Parents, want to receive email communications from 781 Air Cadets?
Please send an email to and follow the instruction afterwards.

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