Summer Training Information

Please find the key information for the Summer Training:

  • The Summer Training presentation can be found in the forum.
  • You should have or will receive the Travel Order if you have been offered with summer training. If you have not received Transportation Orders one (1) week prior to the start of your cadet’s start date, please contact Captain Hisey (information in the presentation) or
  • Joining Instructions
    • You would need to download, print, complete and sign the relevant forms in the Joining Instruction of your training centre. You cadet needs to have the completed and signed forms with them to the training centre.
    • How to get Joining Instruction
      • Go to
      • Sign up for an account
      • After activating your newly created account, login and go to the Northwest -> Nord-ouest -> CSTC Joining Instructions to download the Joining Instruction of your training centre.
  • Parental Pick-Up/Drop-Off Request Forms (PPU)
    • PPU is required if
      • You make your own travel arrangements for your cadet;
      • Alter the travel arrangement as listed on the Travel Orders; or
      • Have someone else pick up your cadet
    • This form is included in the Joining Instructions.
    • The PPU must be faxed or mailed to the address on the bottom of the form.
  • Cadets are to travel to and from the training centre in uniform.
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