Sports night and Shooting Exercise- April 2, 2014 (Updated)

April 2

SPORTS NIGHT (Level 2 and above)

781 Squadron cadets will participate in a Sports Night at The Genesis Center of Community Wellness (#10, 7555 Falconridge Blvd NE) on 2 Apr 14.


  1. All cadets from level 2 and above must arrive at the Genesis center NLT 1830 hrs on 2 Apr 14.
  2. Parents are to pick their cadet up NLT 2130 hrs.


  1. Dress is appropriate civilian sports attire.
  2. A labeled water bottle is REQUIRED for all cadets.


  1. OIC for this activity is 2Lt Sadr.
  2. Cadets must phone in to the squadron (403-289-1617) if they are unable to attend.

Shooting Exercise (Level 1)

Level 1 will have a shooting exercise at the parade square of Vecova.

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