Poppy Campaign


781 Squadron has been requested for assistance in the 2013 Poppy Campaign by Royal Canadian Legion Branch 238 (Bowness) and Branch 284 (Chapelhow).


Legions will campaign at various locations in Calgary on the following dates:

  • Saturday, 26 Oct 13 – Chapelhow
  • Sunday, 27 Oct 13 – Chapelhow
  • Saturday, 2 Nov 13 – Bowness
  • Saturday, 9 Nov 13 – Chapelhow
  • Sunday, 10 Nov 13 – Chapelhow

Cadets are required to participate on the dates volunteered for.

Administrative Instructions

  1. RV locations:
    1. Bowness Legion – Branch No. 238
      138 Bowness Ctr NW
      Calgary AB T3B 5M5
    2. Chapelhow Legion – Branch No. 284
      606 – 38th Avenue NE
      Calgary AB T2E 8J9
  2. Dress:
    1. Dress shall be C-2 for all cadets with a uniform issued. All others shall dress in appropriate civilian attire.
    2. Dress for staff shall be No. 3.

Coordinating Instructions

  1. All participants shall rendezvous at the designated venues NLT 0930 on the Saturdays and NLT 1000 on the Sundays for transport to campaign locations by Legion staff. Morning snacks will be made available.
  2. Return transport will arrive back at the Legion at approximately 1500 hrs where lunch will be provided.
  3. Parents should NLT 1600 hrs to pick up their cadets.
  4. If cell phones, MP3 players, etc. are brought, they are at the risk and responsiblity of the cadet. 781 RCACS will not be fiscally responsible for any lost items. he following are prohibited items:
    1. Other personal electronic devices
    2. Knives, lighters, non-prescription drugs
    3. Smoking paraphernalia

Command and Signals

  1. Event OPI’s:
Capelhow 26 Oct 13 Capt Hisey
Capelhow 27 Oct 13 Lt Boyce
Bowness 2 Nov 13 Lt Chattell
Capelhow 9 Nov 13 TBD
Capelhow 10 Nov 13 TBD

For detail Warning Order, see here.

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