Joining Instructions are/is information you will require for the specific training centre you are going to. These contain course details, clothing and equipment details, in-clearance procedures, cadet banking, etc. There are a couple of forms you must complete prior to arriving at your given camp:

Annex E: Articles of Conduct; and
Annex F OTC/Prescription Medications (if necessary)

Joining Instructions for all Northwest Region Cadet Training Centres (CTC) are posted to the CCO Extranet. The Extranet is accessible to Cadets, Parents, League members and other interested parties at the following link:

Once at the link and logged into the site, click on Northwest, then CTC Joining Instructions. This link can be shared with everyone.

For Vernon, as it is in the Pacific region, please go to Northwest > CTC Joining Instructions > Pacific Region and select: RCSU (PAC) CTC JOINING INSTRUCTIONS – CADETS.

Joining Instructions of out of region CTCs are posted in the Northwest folder as they are made available. They may also be found in the applicable region’s folders.

Captain Hisey will be e-mailing travel information (Travel Itineraries) to ALL e-mail addresses found for an individual cadet in our system (FORTRESS). If you have not received travel information seven (7) days prior to your camp date, please contact Captain Hisey @

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