Gliding Priority list – Saturday May 27

The following cadets are going gliding Saturday May 27.

  1. Ma, Timothy
  2. Yi, Goulijia
  3. Philips, Steffan
  4. Young, Charlotte
  5. Decker, Jacee
  6. Chan, Samuel
  7. Xu, Honoah
  8. Liu, Victoria
  9. Mai, Christina
  10. Yulo-Tamana, Life
  11. Jadhav, Aaryan
  12. Tan, Louis
  13. Shahzad, Haseeh
  14. Zhou, Shirley
  15. Aziz, Daniel
  16. Libunao, Sam
  17. Avila-Borda, David
  18. Yates-Laberge, Andrew
  19. Gabriel, Chris
  20. Li, Timothy
  21. Bell, Christopher
  22. Thomas, Jeff
  23. Jose, Joel
  24. Zhang, Leo
  25. Ravishankar, Vyo
  26. Akhter, Sohab
  27. Sinclair, Jared
  28. McPhee, Simon
  29. Hsieh, Carmen
  30. Jacob, Irene
  31. Lin, Zihao
  32. Fang, Kun
  33. Huang, Colin

The most number of cadets we can take is 40. For those who did not register, you still can go if we do not reach 40.

If you cannot go please phone in to the squadron: 403-289-1617

Remember to wear hats and to bring a water bottle at the very least. Dress for the weather.

Cadets should arrive at the back parking lot of Vecova before 7am. 

Please be ready to pickup your cadet before 6pm at the same location.

Lt. T. Boyce

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