Gliding Exercise – Oct 19, 2014

Oct 19, 2014

781 RCACS will be conducting gliding activities for squadron cadets, in order to fulfill cadet level requirements.

The aim of familiarization gliding is to introduce and promote aviation to cadets. Moreover, familiarization flying is a mandatory annual training activity for all cadets.


0730 All cadets will be dropped off at Vecova (Behind Vecova, next to the Bottle Depot) no later than 0730; the bus will be leaving by 0745 if you are not on it we will leave without you.
1645 All cadets must be picked up at Vecova no later than 1645


  1. Lunch will be provided in the form of subway sandwiches to the cadets by the squadron.
  2. Water and snacks: cadets are expected to bring snacks and a water bottle with water.
  3. Dress: dress in ray layers, temperatures can vary from below freezing to high 20s. Please bring your hat as well.
  4. Gloves: cadets are expected to bring gloves all cadets must have a hat and a toque is strongly advised as well.
  5. Medications: cadets are expected to bring any medications they require (this includes allergy medications)
  6. Transportation: transportation between Vecova and the Netook Gliding Site will be provided by the region through First Canada Bussing
  7. Smoking: smoking, as well as any flame or fire, is not permitted on cadet activities
  8. Footwear: gliding activities will involve a lot of running, be sure to bring proper footwear (ie. running shoes)

For detail information , please check the operation order.

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