Ex Gliding Sep 17


Ex Gliding will be taking place on September 17th – and is our first opportunity to get the new cadets up in the air.  There are 4 of these weekends spread throughout the fall and spring of the training year and each cadet will have to attend one of the 4 as part of their mandatory training program.

Location: Meet at the back door of Vecova for 0630 on Saturday September 17th, 2016
Dress: Civvies – appropriate for being outdoors all day – a hat is to be worn on every cadets head
Who: A signup list will be filled in, only the first 40 cadets (plus 4 senior cadets) will be eligible to go – a secondary standby list will be setup in the event the 40 positions are not in place on the morning of.
More information please review the attached Warning Order
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