Bottle Drive – November 16, 2014

781 Royal Canadian Air Cadets will participate in a Bottle Drive (Sun, 16 Nov 2014) and will cover the communities of Varsity, Dalhousie, Charleswood, and Brentwood..

The aim of the bottle drive is to raise funds for the squadron’s mess committee, promote esprit de corps, and give volunteering opportunities to the cadets.

This operation will occur in the following phases:

  1. Phase 1: Distribution (November 9, Senior Cadets and Mess Committee member only)
    1. Arrival and Briefing: senior cadets and mess committee arrive NLT 1030hrs at Vecova. The briefing will commence NLT 1035hrs.
    2. Departure: designated drivers will take cadets to the communities commencing approx.. 1050hrs
    3. Lunch: cadets will be required to bring their own lunch
    4. Dismissal: 1600 hrs
  2. Phase 2: Bottle Pick Up (November 16, All Cadets)
    1. Arrival: cadets will arrive at the Vecova Bottle Depot no later than 0900 hours on 16 Nov 2014. During this time briefing will occur and cadets will be put into their groups. Please bring refundable bottles and containers from your home as well.
    2. Departure: cadets who are assigned to communities will leave with their designated drivers at 0920 hours while the 1 group of 7 cadets will stay and help with sorting at the bottle depot
    3. Cadets will be required to bring their own lunch. Lunch will occur at approximately 1200 hrs cadets will be allowed to eat their lunch and resume work after everyone has finished (this should take no longer than thirty minutes)
    4. Closing: 1620 hrs all cadets return to the Vecova Bottle Depot and all of the bottles have been delivered to the depot
    5. Dismissal: will be permitted after administrative duties are complete

For detail information, please check the operation orders here.

The Voice-over Bottle Depot is just behind Vecova, map is below:

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