Announcements Thursday Oct 6 – Wednesday Oct 12

Monday October 10

No Cadets Due to Thanks-giving!


Tuesday October 11

Optional Training – OIC Lt Boyce

Band Practice

Time: 1900-2130
Location: Start in the seminar room and move to the parade square for the last hour
Dress: Civvies
Officer In Charge: Mr Devries

Notes: bring instrument and sheet music.  Any new people looking to get involved with the band are urged to attend.

Flag Party Practice

Time: 2030-2130
Location: Parade Square
Dress: Civvies
Officer In Charge: Mr Devries

FTX Senior Planning

Time: 1900-2130
Location: Training Office
Dress: Civvies
Officer In Charge: Lt Boyce

Wednesday October 12

Mandatory – Parade Night

Time: 1815-2130
Location: Vecova Parade Square
Dress: C4 – Tunic with t-shirt underneath

Notes: Please ensure to pick up your cadet by 2130 on cadet night.  We are under a strict policy at Vecova that we need to be off of the parade square by 2130 on Wednesday nights so we are making a huge effort to make sure we are completed before this time.  The Level 5 cadets will likely need to stay 10 min later.

The Upcoming Field Training Exercise (Oct 14-16) has information out for the signup timeframe and warning order and the kit list are posted on the website!

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