Announcements Thurs Jan 26 – Wed Feb 1

Monday Jan 30

Optional Training – Capt Angel

Marksmanship Team Practice

Time: 1830-2130
Location: Vecova
Dress: Civvies
Officer In Charge: Capt Angel

Notes: Meet in the Atrium to start and we will move into the parade square from there – need to have all 3 range teams plus alternates in attendance:

Last Name First Name Open / Jr Range Team
Azaiez Adam Jr alt
Decker Jacee Jr alt
Aziz Danial Open alt
Hodgins Jordan Open alt
Muhssin Bader Open alt
Bhagawatula Pranav Open alt
Brodersen Matti Jr Team 1
Muga Jon Xenon Jr Team 1
Fisher Mark Kenneth Open Team 1
Nguyen Quang Open Team 1
Wong Joshua Open Team 1
Fang Kun Jr Team 2
Monroy Michelle Jr Team 2
Avila Borda David Open Team 2
Libunao Samuelle Open Team 2
Wan Lougheed Open Team 2
Ponciano Fernandez Claudio Jr Team 3
Xie Jason Jr Team 3
Tan Louis Open Team 3
Yates-Laberge Andrew Open Team 3
Berselli Pietro Open Team 3

Scholarship Boards

Time: 1830-2130
Location: Vecova
Dress: C-2 dress
Officer In Charge: Capt Hisey

Notes: Cadets can wait in the atrium while they wait for their scheduled time as per the schedule below:

30 Jan 17 Schedule

Effective Speaking

Time: 1900
Location: Vecova
Dress: civvies
Officer In Charge: Lt Boyce

Notes: Cadets who are interested in applying for the effective speaking competition this year are to meet with Lt Boyce at 1900 to get the information.

Tuesday Jan 31

Dr Thirsk Presentation

Location – Hangar Flight Museum (formally the Aerospace Museum), 4629 McCall Way NE, Calgary;
Timings – 31 Jan 17, 1900-2100 hrs;
Dress – cadets C-2 (ribbons)
Who – for the selected cadets confirmed through Capt Hisey – we can take 6 MORE CADETS just contact Capt Hisey if you would like to go!  Cadets to Dr Thirsk Presentation

Optional Training

Optional – Band Practice 

Time: 1900-2130
Location: Start in the seminar room and move to the parade square for the last hour
Dress: Civvies
Officer In Charge: Mr Devries

Notes: bring instrument and sheet music.  Any new people looking to get involved with the band are urged to attend.  Also bring along your full uniform and polishing kit for some uniform maintenance.

Optional – Flag Party Practice

Time: 2030-2130
Location: Parade Square
Dress: Civvies
Officer In Charge: Mr Devries

Notes: For all flag party members and alternates. Also bring along your full uniform and polishing kit for some uniform maintenance.

Optional – Supply Kit Exchange

Time: 1800-1900
Location: Supply room
Dress: Civvies
Officer In Charge: Mr Dayman

Notes: Only for exchanging of uniform parts

Wednesday Feb 1

Mandatory – CO’s Parade

Time: 1800-2130
Location: Vecova
Dress: C-2 Uniform
Notes: CO’s parade for the first block so be ready for the inspection.
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