Announcements – November 27th, 2013

24 Nov 2013

Ground School

Location: Seminar Room
Timing: 1830-2130

  • Please remember to study for the ground school test this Monday!
  • All cadets applying for the Glider/Power scholarships are to register (if you have not already done so) for the upcoming exam sitting with CI Juhasz.

Mil Band Practice

Location: Parade Square
Timing: 1900-2100

  • Please remember to print off your music at home, a list will be sent via email.

27 Nov 2013

(NEW) Female Hair Workshop

Timing: 1805-1830
Location: Outside the female bathroom (the one closest to the parade square)

  • All females are required to attend this workshop, including non-uniformed females. Females who attended last week’s Griffon flight workshop are exempt from this one. Please come with your hair already made into a bun and please bring the following items with you:
    • Gel
    • Hairspray
    • Bobby Pins
    • Hairnet (especially important)
    • Hair elastic
    • Comb/brush

CO’s Parade

Timing: 1815-2130


  • AC- F/Cpl: C2 (Dress Shirt, Tie + Tunic+ 1812 Pin) + Cadet issued parka
  • Sgt-WO2: C2 + Cadet issued parka


  • Duty Officer: 2Lt Sadr
  • Duty Fsgt: Chung, H
  • Duty FCpl: Tran, D
  • Duty Flight: Chinook

Shadow Warrant Officers:

  • Shadow Chief: Fsgt Fisher
  • Shadow DepCom: Fsgt Labine, S
  • Shadow SWO: Fsgt Lee, B

There will be a mess Committee meeting at break on Wednesday


  • Please note that winter dress is in effect. All cadets MUST wear the cadet issued parka (zipped all the way up). If you do not have a parka or one that does not fit, please wear a winter jacket.
  • (URGENT) Please return the stub of the WestJet raffle tickets your sold together with the money. Please return any unsold raffle tickets if you cannot sell them. This Wednesday is the last day to hand them in, the draw will be made at closing parade. If you cannot return them on Wednesday, please email Mr. Yang at, informing him of your situation and accommodations will be made.
  • (NEW) Uniform Return Incentive: Any cadets who have spare uniform parts and return them to the squadron will be granted points. The top three cadets will be presented with gift cards. Each uniform part is worth one point, boots are worth two. Please do not return PT gear or wool socks.
  • All cadets who do not have a forum account are to email WO2 Ho at (subject line: Forum Account) with their first/last name and email address.
  • (NEW) All new recruits who have not been measured for a uniform are to see Sgt. Colliss ASAP. All cadets who do not have an 1812 pin are to do the same.
  • (NEW) Cadets who do not have forum accounts or who are not receiving phone outs yet, may email inquiries to WO2 Wun at
  • All cadets are to bring paper and writing utensils to class.
  • Everyone should be at cadets by 1815 (6:15 pm) and parade will be starting by 1825 (6:25 pm) sharp
  • Phone outs must be done by SUNDAY NIGHT. If you do not receive a call, use the chain of command to find out what the announcements are for this week.
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