Announcements for February 27 th, 2013

February 25, 2013

Drill Team Practice

Location: parade square
Timing: 1830-2100

  • Bring your parade boots, and your C2 uniform.


Survivair Team
Location: parade square
Timing: 1830-2100

February 27, 2013

CO’s parade night
Timing: 1815-2130
C2 for Everyone

  • Please remember to wear your cadet issue parka during the winter

*All females must be at the squadron by 1800 (6:00 pm) with proper hair supplies

Duty cadets: C2
F/Sgt Fisher
Cpl Notland
Cyclone Flight

Duty Flight

  • At the end of every parade night the duty flight is to complete the tasks given to them by the Duty F/Sgt.
  • Once the tasks are complete you have to report back to the Duty F/Sgt on the parade square and he/she will dismiss you after they know that your task has been completed correctly.
  • Duty F/Sgt needs to know what has to be done (tasks posted on the wall by the office)


  • All Cadets MUST have pen and paper for their classes!
  • Everyone should be at cadets by 1815 (6:15 pm) and parade will be starting by 1825 (6:25 pm)
  • Everyone MUST be in the proper uniform and cadets that do not show up in uniform at all will no longer be tolerated!
  • Marking sheets must be done by the end of opening parade and put into the West Jet folder
  • If you need anything from supply or if anything is short you MUST see Sgt Colliss ASAP
  • Keep working on your uniforms.
    Badges must be sewn on correctly by the mid February, this includes correct colored thread, proper placement and sewn on entirely
  • Phone outs must be done by SUNDAY NIGHT. If you do not receive a call, use the chain of command to find out what the announcements are for this week.ul>
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