Announcements Apr 27 – May 3

Saturday Apr 29

OptionalTraining – BOTTLE DRIVE
OIC – Capt Angel
Time: 0830-1200
Location: Back Door at Vecova near the bottle depot
Dress: come in civvies and be dressed for being outdoors all morning.
Who: All Cadets – Highly encouraged to attend to assist in raising funds for our Mess Dinner coming up in June!

Notes: No food will be provided and cadets should bring their own water bottles.

Sunday Apr 30

MANDATORY Training – EX Gliding Day 3
OIC – ASLt Weyman
Time: 0630 – 1800
Location: Vecova back door (the building will not be open so be prepared for the weather)
Dress: Civvies  – you will be outdoors all day make sure to dress for it, wear a hat, and wear good sneakers.
Who: Cadets who have signed up on the signup sheet

Notes: The Warning Order can be found here: 781 RCACS Warning Order Gliding Apr 30   remember to bring a water bottle and items to amuse yourself for the day.

Monday May 1

Optional Training
OIC – Capt Angel
Flight Night
Time: 1900-2100
Location: Parade Square
Dress: Civvies  (bring your uniform and polishing kits)
Who: All of the cadets

Notes: Make sure to bring all of the things you need to do your uniform

Tuesday May 2

Optional Training
OIC – Lt Boyce

Optional – Band Practice 

Time: 1900-2130
Location: Start in the seminar room and move to the parade square for the last hour
Dress: Civvies
Officer In Charge: Mr Devries

Notes: bring instrument and sheet music.  Any new people looking to get involved with the band are urged to attend.

Optional – Flag Party Practice

Time: 2030-2130
Location: Parade Square
Dress: Civvies
Officer In Charge: Mr Devries

Notes: For all flag party members and alternates.

Wednesday May 3

Mandatory – CO’s PARADE

Time: 1800-2130
Location: Vecova Parade Square
Dress: C-2 Uniform (shirt and tie)
Notes: Note remember to bring your water bottles!
This is a special parade night where the Commanding Officer from 440 Squadron who will be down to inspect our squadron and give us a presentation / Question & Answer period.

 Upcoming events:

Aerodrome Operations day on May 6th – Mandatory training day please indicate if you are able to attend or not.

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