Annual Ceremonial Review – May 31, 2014

Annual Ceremonial Review

Annual is the day that you get to show off the work you have put in this year to your friends and family, a really important day similar to graduation.

Arrival NLT 0750 at Viking Air Ltd 77-770 McTavish Rd NE, Calgary
Parents and Guests should be seated before 0945
Cadets march on 1010
Reception and Snacks 1220-1300

Cadets MUST NOT arrive in Uniform, wear comfortable civilian clothes and appropriate footwear. Cadets will change into uniforms after lunch. The Dress will be C1 (Tunic, dress shirt, tie, medals) for all cadets, brought in a labelled garment bag. Females will have their hair up in a bun before arriving


  • Bring a packed lunch and water bottle, and eat breakfast
  • Return Summer Camp Offers of Participation, either during Annual, or by appointment with Capt. Hisey
  • If you can’t make it to annual, make sure to inform your level officers beforehand. Calling in the day of annual is unacceptable

MINIMUM Uniform Standards:

  • Hair for males: not touching the ears or the collar
  • Boots: Wiggling fingers at shoulder height will be seen in every boot
  • Pants: creases in the correct location, no train tracks
  • Tunics: Ironed, with badges sewn correctly

Invitation and Program:

ACR Invitation

ACR Invitation

ACR Program

ACR Program

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