2016 Awards

Please find the awards were handed out during the ACR and the Award Banquet. Congratulations to all the cadets.

Award Recipients
Webber Drill Team Award FCpl K Langman
Howard Leadership Award WOII S Sharma
John Gibbs WOII D Wijaya
Spirit of 781 Sgt P Bhagawatula
Sulek Sportsmanship Sgt N Chattell
Best Overall Bandsman Sgt C Kozbial
JR Bandsman LAC K Hammond
SR Bandsman WOII D Wijaya
Most Improved Bandsman LAC K Fang
Excellence in Aviation FCPL P Berselli
Citizenship Award Cpl J Sinclair
Effective Speaking LAC C Ponciano
Instructing Excellence WOII D Wijaya
Most Dedicated Cadet Cpl V Ritchie
Most Improved Cadet FCpl K Langman
Top Recruit LAC K Hammond
Top JR NCO FCpl E Fraley
TOP NCO TRG O Award FSgt J Muga
SR Range FSgt B Lee
JR Range Cpl J Muga
CO’s Best Dressed JR FCPL P Berselli
CO’s Best Dressed SR FSgt J Wong
Top Level 1 LAC  G Zhang
Top Level 2 Cpl S Ocampo
Top Level 3 Cpl S Libunao
Top Level 4 Sgt A Ravishankar
Top Level 5 Sgt D Lamb
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