2013 Mess Dinner

Hello Cadets,

This is the information for the Mess dinner. The Mess dinner will be on Wednesday December 18th 2013. The dinner will be held at Mewata Armouries in the Officers Mess. We will be having a 3 course meal, also lots of entertainment, and some presentations. This is a chance for us to have a formal dinner as a squadron. The point of a mess dinner is to have a chance to talk with your friends, and have a nice dinner.

The dress for the mess dinner will be as follows:
Female cadets will wear dresses or skirts. This means you must have a dress that is longer than your fingertips when your hands are by your side. They also must have a strap that goes over your shoulders. Male Cadets: You will wear C2 or C8 ([same as C2 but with your personal] white dress shirt and bow tie)

If you would like to attend the mess dinner you need to email me at scottfisher@shaw.ca or phone me at (403) 437 3017. If you do not want to attend you must let me know why you do not want to attend. The cost for the Mess Dinner is a $10 refundable deposit. You have until December 1st to let me know. If you come to me late, you will not be allowed to go, as we need to give the number of cadets attending to the caterer.

The Following cadets have not signed up and I need a response from you by Dec 1st:
Alfajem, M
Ansing, L
Bernardo, A
Chen, A
Chung, H
Clarke, J
Dadresi, S
Dafore, J
Dafoe, N
Dewsnap, K
Doubinin, C
Enns, S
Freear-Read, D
Gerard, K
Groening, D
Groening, T
Gui, J
Guo, L
Guo, Y
Haefcke, I
Hammonds, C
He, J
Hilferty, C
Ho, T
Ip, G
Kang, H
Kitzul, J
Knoop, A
Koric, Z
Kozbial, C
Kulcsar, V
Le, L
Lee, J
Liu, Q
Mina, M
Nagtalon, S
Notland, J
O’Sullivan, R
Pearson, K
Ranasinghe, T
Reubens-Alege, R
Rowan, J
Rui, Anson
Sage, L
Tovar Gollaz, M
Wu, K
Yip, V
Yuan, Z

The following Cadets have said no, and I need to know why.
Atoui, F
Atoui, I
Bates, C
Becerra, J
Bladen, L
Chan, E
Chu, C
Dai, Z
Deboer, T
Dong, N
Funk, C
Gu, S
Kulkami, I
Lee, E
Lu, S
Lywood, E
Magdalek, C
Mah, J
Muga, J
Ng, D
Qui, D
Raugust, D
Robinson, B
Simpson, A
Su, G
Su, J
Sun, D
Sun, X
Swenson, T
Ueda, A
Wan, L
Wang, Y
Wang, Z
Wong, D
Xiao, L
Yu, R
Zhang, J

Flight Sergeant Fisher

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