The Band Lives On! 

781 Band Challenge

With all your free time stuck inside your house, you know what you could do? Practice your instrument!    To help keep you motivated, we’ve designed two (optional) challenges for you to do.

OPTION 1:    Take a picture of yourself practicing in the most interesting or creative way possible. Feel free to practice any music or rudiments you like!

Note: Please ensure you stay on your property when doing this.

OPTION 2:   Teach a member of your household how to play a scale, a rudiment, or a simple tune on your instrument. Document the process and/or the final result.

Note: Please observe hygiene procedures and do not share your instrument with anyone who is or may be ill.

For both cases, please send your submission to for approval. The officer staff will then post your entry to the facebook page.

781 Air Cadets ACR - 12 - YouTube

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