Show us your..Boots!

How to Polish Military Boots - Snapguide

Thing there’s no reason to polish your boots?  WRONG.. welcome to our BOOT POLISHING CHALLENGE.. 

From now until the end of May you are encouraged to polish your boots.. 

What to do??  Start now with some good photos of your boots, under good light and make sure we get a good look at their current state of polish.. then… 

POLISH POLISH POLISH.. there are video tutorials all over including this one on youtube There are MANY MORE.. that outline how to do it.

ON the last days of May, take another set of photos.. pick the best BEFORE and the best AFTER photos and mail them to us.. with your name and rank and level.

We’ll announce the winner at our VIRTUAL ACR in June.  Remember – all entries count toward your TOP FLIGHT TROPHY.

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