Item 1 – New Schedule and procedure for training nights virtually.

Weekly schedule shall be as follows:

1815 – Staff Check in on Meeting Platform*

1820-30 Cadets arrive and disperse into FLIGHT Meets / Flight Command Staff check in with cadets *(will start in January)

1840 – Cadets arrive to “Parade Square”

Cadet Command Staff Check in with Cadets

  • 1850 – CO or Sr Staff Check in with Cadets
  • 1900 – Training Announcement
  • 1905 – Class 1 (as per meet link in Discord / Calendar)
  • 1945 – Break (Main Parade Square)
  • 1950 – Class 2 (as per meet link in Discord / Calendar)
  • 2030 – Closing Parade (Main Parade Square)
  • 2045 – Staff Meeting

2130 – Parade Night Closure

Coming into the Holiday season we have a few items of note.

ITEM 2 – December 1 training

– “regular” online classes.. following the new schedule on our Google Workplace.  For now the links to the classes are in the Discord, they will also be placed in our unit calendar within the Google Workplace for everybody to access.  We are working on getting emails in place for all cadets in the coming weeks.

ITEM 3 – December 1 MRE (Meals ready to eat) and Calendar Sales / Pick ups

  • Cadet Parents are able to do a “drive-by” at Vecova (main entrance area) on December 1st and 8th from 1900-2000h to pick up their cadets MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) for the December 15th Christmas Dinner if they wish to do so.
  • The Sponsor will handle dispersment as well as handing out Alberta Air Cadet League CASH Calendars for individual sale ($20 each) and for our Cadet Families to take some additional CASH Calendars to sell for our annual ACL Fundraiser.

ITEM 4 – December 8th Virtual Training

  • Special Guest – Captain Christian Stenner, a member of the Canadian Geographic Society will present on his exploits in CAVE exploration.  He’ll speak about Bisaro Anima in BC, Canada’s deepest Cave.. link here to read about it!  Timings as per above and will take most of the evening.

ITEM 5 – December 15th Annual Christmas Dinner (Virtually on Zoom)

  • WO1 Hammond and her Cadet Command Team will be leading the charge on our Annual Christmas Dinner, again being done virtually this year.  Details will continue to be published, cadets will be in uniforms if they have them, White Shirt / Bow Tie or appropriate for a formal dinner please.  Timings will be 1830 (arrival / meet & greet) for a 1900h Dinner “Bell” to start.  Guest Speaker is TBA. More information to follow as it arrives.


  • There will be no training / parades  after the 15th of December until the new year, when we will begin again on January 5th.
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