Tri-Service Ball

I’m happy to announce the Tri-Service Cadet Platinum Jubilee Ball.  (Dinner & DJ’d Dance)

Details are as follows:

Open to ALL currently registered cadets of the Southern Alberta Area

Date: 21 January 2023

Location: Polish Canadian Cultural Centre, 3015-15 St NE, Calgary

Time: 1730hrs Doors, 1830hrs Seated, 1900hrs Dinner, 2100hrs Dance, 2359 Parent Pick Up (No later than)

Guests of Honour: Her Honour Salma Lakhani, AOE, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta and His Honour Dr Zaheer Lakhani

Ticket price: $25 each

Dress: C-2 Preferred, (C-1 acceptable), or Black Tie / Ball Gown

Seating: There will be a seating chart for the event, you may request to sit next to 1 friend, we will do our best to accommodate requests, we are encouraging everyone to make new friends.

Only cadets and chaperones are able to attend, sorry no parents, dates or friends outside of the program.


325 tickets available for sale to cadets only, there are no additional tickets, once these are sold, the event is sold out.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

This event is being hosted by the Parent Sponsoring Committee of 604 Moose RCACS.  On behalf of my chair, Mr Richard Carey, he would like to pass on his thanks to the sponsors of this event who made it possible to lower the cost of the ticket substantially in order to get cadets back to an in-person fun event.

604 Moose RCACS

52 City of Calgary RCACS



781 Calgary RCACS

538 Buffalo RCACS

783 Wing of the RCAFA

Royal Canadian Legions

Kind regards

Major Gene Kushnir, CD, AdeC

CO 604 Moose

(he / il)

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