Reminder – Respond to FTX Gold Leaf

Every cadet should be filling in this form for the FTX Gold Leaf – if you are unable to attend, in order to be excused you need to fill in this form along with the reason why you cannot attend.  As this is MANDATORY – everyone should be in attendance or excused. 

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4 Responses to Reminder – Respond to FTX Gold Leaf

  1. Gurbir says:

    Hi, I have tried many times since yesterday to complete the FTX forms but I’m unable to do so. I would like some assistance to complete the forms.

    • Captain Angel says:

      Let a senior cadet know on Wednesday night if you have issues signing up for the other events (remembrance day, flex fit etc)

  2. Dan WERDEN says:

    My daughter Abigale Werden level 1 Sabre. Abby filled out the form in front of me to attend, but her name is not on the list. She said she pressed send. Please contact me as she is very disappointed that she cannot be involved. I wpuld appreciate any advise and please accept her to participate this weekend.

    Danny Werden