Remembrance Services (Mewata)

Mewata Armoury / Air Force Association Service

November 11

Cadet arrival 1000hrs, Cadet who are laying wreaths (determined on Wednesday Nov 6) will have a rehearsal on Sunday afternoon and will be contacted directly.

DRESS: Cadet C1 (Tunic / Tie) this is an indoor service, cadets who are not travelling out of doors do NOT require parka. If you are riding transit or walking ensure that your PARKA has your name / unit number in it, a piece of paper in the pocket with that information is good too!

Additional Timings; 781 Calgary will assist with final tear-down, expect to be done NLT 1300hrs for pick up and dismissal. NO FOOD will be provided – eat a good breakfast and bring a snack/food as appropriate.

80-90 Cadets are expected from 781 Calgary, sign up by clicking here

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