Remembrance Services

1. Cadets who will be joining the Commanding Officer at Chapelhow Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, meet at    606 38th Avenue, NE Calgary, Alberta.   ONLY THOSE WHO THE CO HAS SPOKEN TO DIRECTLY.  10:00h please.

2. ALL OTHER 781 Cadets – will meet at Mewata Armouries 801 11 St SW, Calgary, AB.  This is DOWNTOWN Calgary – possible parking for parents/guests across the street at Staples? Cadets should arrive no earlier than 10:00h, in FULL UNIFORM or appropriate civilian attire (flip flops are not appropriate attire 🙂 Cadets will be free to leave NLT 1300hrs after clean up.  Access “KERBY” station on the 69th Street LRT line and walk one block south and west.  It’s the building that looks like a castle!

3. Email with questions.

4. BAND Cadets, as per direction from CI DeVries – you have a practice on FRIDAY EVENING at Curry Gym.. email him for additional instructions.

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