At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Air Cadet League of Alberta, the following award was presented and well deserved.  We thank Karen for her long service and dedication to the squadron over her tenure as Sponsor Chair.  We also welcome Kim Hammond and pledge our support as she grabs the reigns.  And thank you to all the continuing and new members of our Squadron Sponsoring Committee.  New parents and supporters – we are always looking for your input and help with the ongoing support of the unit.  Please contact for more information or to offer your help!

For outstanding dedication, extraordinary effort, and exceptional contributions to 781 Calgary Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron as the Squadron Sponsoring Committee Chair and unwavering support of the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program in Alberta and dedication to the Alberta Provincial Committee Air Cadet League of Canada the Alberta Provincial Committee Certificate of Merit is awarded to:

Karen Vicenzino

Karen has undertaken many tasks in the SSC. She has also coordinated many of the squadron’s financial tasks such as mentoring and training two treasurers, organizing the required transitions of responsibilities when executives depart. Karen has always demonstrated a “Cadets come first” attitude in everything she does whether it involves fundraising, scholarship boards, volunteer screening and whatever else is required, she is there to help.

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