CF Engagement Opportunity Nov 8

CAF Engagement “Tech Talks” episode on Tuesday, 08 November 2022, will feature Combat Engineers from 31 Engineer Sqn at 38 CER, an Engineer regiment in Winnipeg. They will also be showcasing some equipment typically used during normal 38 CER operations.


Engineers are an integral part of the Combat Arms Teams, which also include Armour, Artillery, and Infantry.


As part of a general introduction and interaction with CAF members, this presentation will highlight the many potential tasks

Combat Engineers can be expected to do, and the teamwork required to accomplish the mission.  The guest presenters will

discuss their career, training, typical deployments the unit has been involved with, and showcase some equipment and tools

of the trade. The overall message, as always, is CAF Teamwork and Safety.


The episode will go ‘live’ on MS-TEAMS Tuesday, 08 November 2022, at 1930 CDT (Winnipeg time), 1830 (Mountain time),

for setup & audio checks. Cadets may log in anytime after the episode comes online, but the presentation will not start until 2000 (CDT).


Runtime is approx. 30-40 minutes to fit into corps/sqn UTP. The presentation may continue longer, depending on questions.

Cadets may remain if they wish.


Corps/Sqn staff may forward the link per your CO/ Trg O direction, participation is open to all NW region cadets, not just those

parading on Tuesday 08 Nov.



Please encourage participating cadets to use the MS-Teams ‘Chat’ feature to ask questions. This is an opportunity for cadet interaction with the many occupations  not normally portrayed in the popular media.


To reduce latency, cadet mics & cameras should be kept off. Please type your questions using the “Chat” feature.






MWO Daniel W Schmidt, CD


J5 Plans NCM (CAF Engagement)

Regional Cadet Support Unit (Northwest)

Canadian Armed Forces / TEL:  204-833-2500 ext 6262 / CSN: 257-6262 / 1-800-842-1851 Opt 8-6262 / Fax: 877-287-0398


J5 JMC  (CAF Engagement)

Unité régionale de soutien aux Cadets (Nord-ouest)

Forces Armées Canadiennes / TEL:  204-833-2500 ext 6262 / CSN: 257-6262 / 1-800-842-1851 Opt 8-6262 / Fax: 877-287-0398


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